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Cuvée de blanc: L’Antiquaire
This white wine is very refreshing with aromas of citrus, apple and pear. Serve cold (12,5% alcohol) 750 ml

Cuvée de rosé: Rosa-Rose
This rosé is very aromatic and evokes our summer season by its sides of red fruits, including strawberry and raspberry. In the mouth, the attack is the image of the nose, charming and greedy, waking in the final a beautiful acidity bringing a nice freshness with shades of currants. Serve cold (12.5% ​​alcohol) 750 ml

Cuvée de rouge: The Antiquary
The nose is aromatic, expressed around fresh red fruits (cherry, strawberry and berries). The body is silky with completely melted tannins. Serve fresh 16 C to 18 C (12.5% ​​alcohol) 750ml

Cuvée de Mistelle Les Perles
Sweet and very fruity with notes of black cherry, Aperitif. Serve very cold. (18% alcohol) 375 ml

Cuvée fortified white wine The Notable
Fortified wine, white port style, very fruity with aromas of pears, citrus fruits and honeys, 
as pleasant to smell as to taste. Aperitif, digestive. Serve very cold (18% alcohol) 375 ml

Cuvée fortified rosé wine The Notable
Fortified wine port-style lighter for the summer season, aroma of raspberries, currants, cranberries Aperitif, digestive (18% alcohol) 375 ml

Cuvée fortified red wine The Notable
Madeirised wine, port style, with caramelized notes, aroma of black fruits of blackberries, cassis. Serve as fresh. (18% alcohol) 375ml

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