Sensitive skin soap, lavender, magnolia, fruits, honeysuckle, white clay, rose blossom

Soap in the shape of heart, bear cub, seaweed, peat mud

We also have very nice gift wrap of various sizes .

A caress for the skin …

Moisturizing cream for dry skin to normal 60 ml face and neck
Moisturizing cream for combination skin 60 ml
face and neck
Anti-aging cream 40 ml
face and eye contour
Body lotion for sensitive skin 125 ml or 250 m l
Body lotion magnolia flower 125 ml or 250 ml
Rose Flower Body Milk 125 ml or 250 ml
Cleansing Milk 125 ml
Shampoo 250 ml
Revitalizing 250 ml
Shower Gel 250 ml
Foaming Milk Sensitive Skin 250 ml
Foaming Milk Bath Blooming Magnolia 250 ml
Foaming Milk for rose flower bath 250 ml

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